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Hitches in Canton, MI

Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center is an installer of trailer hitches, driveshaft disconnect systems, tow bars and accessories in the Plymouth / Canton area.  We also sell bike racks hitch hauls and many other hitch related products such as utility trailers.


Today, many people are looking for easier methods to transport trailers, bicycles, and other cargo with their personal vehicle.  For this reason, the trailer hitch industry has continued to develop trailer hitches to fit almost any vehicle on the road.

The most important considerations when purchasing a trailer hitch are what kind of weight you will be towing, what will you be towing, and the weight limitations of your vehicle.

Trailer hitches are designed as a one-piece welded unit and are specific to each vehicle. For the most part, there is no such thing as a universal hitch — hitches are rated by tongue weight and weight carrying capacity.


Motor home vacations are becoming more common than ever before.  You now can tow your vehicle behind your motor home with very little effort.  There are driveshaft disconnect systems, lube pump systems, and tow bars available for many cars today.  The advantage in this is you do not have to deal with storage of a trailer or tow dolly when you reach your destination.


Fifth wheel and Gooseneck hitches are designed for trucks and provide a safe method of towing very heavy trailers of all kinds.  Many weight carrying sizes are available from 14,000 lbs. to over 25,000 lbs.  These hitches are mounted to the truck frame and are inside the bed of the truck.

Contact Ric and Rocky’s Car Care Center to schedule an appointment to have us analyze your towing needs and schedule the hitch that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Step Bars in Canton, MI

Step bars (also known as nerf bars or truck steps) are a slick-looking convenience for your truck or SUV.  Not only do they look sporty, but they also give a welcome step to hard-worked legs.  These stainless cab-length step bars bolt right in and features a no-slip gripping pad for secure stepping.  At Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center, we offer only the top options in step bars, nerf bars and truck steps for any vehicle.

Our step bars come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, including polished chrome or black powder, to fit your styling tastes.


Tonneau covers from Ric and Rocky’s help keep your valuables and gear hidden and protected from prying eyes.  Shop our selection of tonneau covers and truck bed covers. We have a variety of styles, including soft and hard tonneau covers, roll-up, retractable, and tonneau cover lifts.  Our tonneau covers are ultra-strong, highly durable and very easy to install.  They will keep your cargo secure and protected from all weather conditions.


Hard tonneau covers are made using a variety of solid materials, such as fiberglass or aluminum, and offer the most in security for your truck, with single or double key locks or even remote controlled access.  Ric and Rocky’s offers hard locking truck covers from the best names in the industry, such as FoldaCover, Pace Edwards and Raider, and offer complete weather resistance for your truck bed and cargo, and can often be painted to match the exact color of your truck.


Soft tonneau covers, typically of rugged vinyl stretched over a sturdy metal frame, also offer complete weather protection for your cargo and truck bed for a fraction of the cost of hard tonneau covers.  Soft truck covers provide a more aerodynamic design for your truck or pickup, can help improve your gas mileage by up to 10%, are available in a variety of colors, and can often be attached in minutes.  Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center features a variety of folding and snap-on covers, including several different makes of Truxedo tonneau covers.


With current gas prices, who doesn’t want a car that runs more efficiently?  Window tinting can help increase your fuel economy and keep you looking and feeling good year-round.  At Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center, we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of every window tinting we complete.  We have one of the largest selections of vehicle window tinting in the Plymouth / Canton area and we can find something that meets your needs and budget — all with a limited lifetime warranty.

You know your job will be done right when it’s done at Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center!

Better Fuel Economy:
Window tint keeps your car cooler in the summer which reduces how much use your air conditioner gets.  That leads to less stress and strain on your car’s engine, increases your fuel efficiency, saving money on gas.

Reduces the Sun’s Glare:
Once you get your car windows tinted, you will notice the difference immediately.  Tint helps reduce the sun’s glare during the day, helping you to see easier with less squinting, which makes it easier on your eyes.

Heat Rejection:
The main benefit of any window tinting is to reduce the effects of the sun, which of course means heat rejection.  Some varieties of tint can reject nearly 50% of the sun’s heat resulting in a cooler car, even if it is sitting in the sun.

Reduce 99% of UV Rays:
The damage the sun can do to skin and eyes is a serious concern. Most varieties of window tinting reduce the UV rays by 99%. These are the harmful rays that are often the cause of skin cancer.

Protection Against Fading:
The sun can fade the fabrics in your car, regardless of whether they’re made of leather, vinyl or cloth upholstery. This also includes items left in your car like clothing. Window tinting helps reduce the effects of the sun, including fading.

Reduces Nighttime Glare:
Window tinting helps at night too!  With your windows tinted, you won’t be as vulnerable to the bright headlights of cars traveling behind you.  The tint will help to reduce the glare, which allows you to see better and drive safer.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting –

– Protects your privacy and contents within your vehicle
– In an automotive accident, the window tinting film will hold the shattered glass together, protecting the car’s occupants